Mortgage Specialist, Caledon

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
How would you like to promote one of the best realtor program available and represent a financial Institution that is voted year over year in the top 20 strongest banks in the world ?
Strong with close to employees in 451 branches throughout the country, the National Bank fosters an open and respectful environment that contributes to your growth with the help of ongoing training and numerous health and financial benefits.
In this role you will have easy access to senior management that listen to your input in collaboration with their strategic plan. You will work in a flexible environment where you will control your income with the efforts invested.
Yes, this position is 100% commission based, ideal for the true entrepreneur, confident in their business development skills built on superior customer service and a passionate drive to develop relationships.
This position reports to a Sales Manager - Specialized Networks who is committed to your success and will see that you have access to the necessary training and a full time dedicated coach.
As a Mortgage Specialist, you will be expected to interact with three types of stakeholders:
√ʬ ¬ĘOffer clients exceptional service through your competence, presence, efficiency, flexibility and proactive approach in meeting their needs
√ʬ ¬ĘSupport clients through your expertise and help them develop mortgage strategies adapted to their needs that are also profitable for the Bank
√ʬ ¬ĘKeep up to date on the Bank's various products in order to better inform clients of the options available to them
√ʬ ¬ĘAttend the meetings and training sessions needed to provide quality service
Market intermediaries
√ʬ ¬ĘBe responsible for developing and maintaining lasting business relationships with real estate agents and/or builders, promoting the products and services offered by the Bank and participating in a variety of business development and recognition activities
√ʬ ¬ĘBe responsible for developing your skills and following market developments by keeping up with the latest trends in your area of expertise
√ʬ ¬ĘEnsure a physical and sustained presence in the offices of the intermediaries assigned to you.
Internal partners
√ʬ ¬ĘApply established processes and procedures rigorously and produce high-quality files in compliance with the different standards and regulations in effect
√ʬ ¬ĘEstablish and maintain effective communication with internal partners at the Bank involved in the different phases of delivery
√ʬ ¬ĘRefer clients to the appropriate partners to increase client retention and promote cross-selling
√ʬ ¬ĘPlay an active role in helping the Branch Network take charge of clients

Don't Be Fooled

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